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Nejširší nabídka klimatizací a tepelných čerpadel. 40 let zkušeností v oboru vytápění a vzduchotechniky. Energeticky úsporná technika ohleduplná k životnímu prostředí.

Why choose ACOND?

Competitive price

An installation of a renewable resource must have a reasonable rate of return. Without compromising efficiency or lifetime.


We have worked very much on the silent running of our heat pumps. Please do not compare just the table values. According to the EN 14511 Invertors are measured at 50% load, the real operation values could differ significantly.

Domestic hot water

We use a progressive method of heating domestic hot water. Heating hot water using a plate heat exchanger is more efficient than any other commonly used method.

Technical Support

A Heat Pump is an Investment with a life time of 20 years. An ACOND heat Pump can be connected to the internet an thus to the control system in the factory to ensure first-class service and to detect any defects online free of charge.


Painted metal sheets will rust. That is why our heat pump is made of stainless steel. A scroll compressor is better than rotary compressor. The invertor compressor runs two or three times longer than ON/OFF. So, the expected lifetime of ON/OFF scroll compressor in an ACOND Heat Pump is longer than of the invertor rotary compressor. From all this it is clear that our ACOND heat pump has a longer life.


Our patented control system ACONDTHERM constantly calculates the best and most economical settings. With any other Heat Pump you must repeatedly check and reconfigure the heating equitermal curve to achieve higher savings. With our patented control system you automatically enjoy maximum comfort and savings.


An evaporator for a heat pump should be generously dimensioned with greater gap between the fins and counterflow. Using the curved evaporator of an air conditioner with a small gap between the fins saves a lot of money to the manufacturer. Such a heat exchanger is very cheap. You need to realize, however, that the heat energy that is not gained by the Evaporator you have to pay extra using the electrical power Input.

EVI Copressor


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